Wednesday, May 16, 2012

embracing busy

I used to think that life would slow down a bit once I finished a certain project, or my house was at a certain point, or my kids were at a certain stage of development, but I'm realizing now what you have all probably learned long ago. It doesn't. And what's more, that's just fine. Life is good. There is enough beauty to make it all worthwhile. This time of year, with everything in full bloom outside, I'm reinvigorated to embrace the full bloom in my own life. I'm dying to go back and shoot some recent client projects, and am sooooo excited for the current ones.... and ones about to commence too.

Until then I'll leave you with a little picture of Madds in the little oasis that is the magical neighborhood where I grew up. We went for a visit a few weeks ago with one of my sweetest friends, and it was like stepping out of time for the afternoon. These moments make going back to the fast pace totally doable.

ok and one more from my niece's princess birthday party. her mama claims that she had nothing to do with the party theme...but I happen to be her younger sister and know how deep her princess roots run (I was always the indentured servant in childhood games :). The birthday girl was beautiful and the party was a (pink) blast:


  1. Love the post, Leah! xo- The Fairest in the Land ;)

  2. Their she is!! Thanks for sharing and yes I always think ,"One Day" guess what Leah, and Shirley, that day is today!! Yep talking to myself as well. Thanks for the comment, I always check to see if my friend posted a post??? Usually nope, but what a nice surprise... Can't wait to check out some of your latest projects! My mind is swirling with new ideas, and I'm super inspired! Talk soon

  3. Very sweet, Leah! You are a gifted writer and, a talented photographer!! I love how your photos "draw us in"......I can just hear giggles.

    Busy is good! But, that is because we both love what we're doing. And, I do look forward to time off and rainy days. Then I get bored, and want to be busier ;-)

    Enjoy the weekend with your beautiful family!!
    Cheers, Loi


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