Friday, May 25, 2012

from the garden

What, what 2 posts in one week??? Yes, it's true. Sometimes it happens. When all the stars align.

Last week, my sister described me as "green thumb" and the compliment went straight to my plant killing head.  I seriously have the worst luck with plants, especially the indoor variety. BUT this year the little bed around our patio took off and it makes me happpy! The little 3" lavender that I bought from whole foods and planted last year have EXPLODED, and they are flowering! Actually they are so big that I probably need to re-space the entire bed because they are taking over our poor hydrangeas.

Last year, the blue stone patio took such a long time to put in because all the stones were different depths (some were 1/2", some were 5+"!), and we never got around to planting a ground cover in between the stones. After a bit of research this year, I decided to take the plunge, but it is making me a little crazy because it is very patchy while I wait for it to start spreading. I was tempted to buy a lot more and fill it all in at once, but seeing what happen with my exploding lavender I think I should save some money and be patient while it spreads. Any thoughts?

Prior to the patio planting, we ate up every chance we've had to enjoy it. Our cocktail hours (which sadly are pretty rare these busy days) have morphed into cocktail dinners, and instead of real meals, we have been putting together quick and simple hors d'oeuvrs like caprese salad, stuffed olives, and smoked salmon, and eating on the patio. Baby Saf is a man on the move, and he definitely prefers free roaming noshing to being strapped in a high chair...and so do we

Here's to hoping the wonderful weather will continue (DC humidity is on the prowl this week), so there will be more chances for loungey outdoor meals...and tackles...


  1. it will just take patience I'm sad to say! But it's looking GREAT!!!!

  2. What, What!! Cray, cray! Love summer evening's, so magical!

  3. Hey Leah - Your lavender plants look awesome and really healthy!! See, you are growing green thumbs! Mine are also gorgeous and very prolific this year. Although I did lose two last year. Give them some garden lime as our acidic, heavy clay soil is not good for them. Thanks for sharing and posting!! ;)

  4. PS - Forgot to say: Love your photos of the family!!

  5. Cocktail dinners are good idea instead of regular dinners, The garden also looking great in your images...


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