Saturday, November 1, 2008

palladian inspired windows

Whenever I spot a beautiful palladian style or arched window, I think how lovely it would be to have one (or several) made into a mirror for our home. I love the brightening effect of mirrors in any room, and I especially like when the mirror itself is interesting. Here are some that caught my eye

this is the mirror that started it all, my ballerina loved it too...she didn't think the $3,000 + pricetag was unreasonable.

I spotted this one in the entrance to Oliver Dunn, Moss & Co., Katherine Roberts. It's one of my favorite spots to stop for inspiration. Everything they have is awesome. This is no exception.

I spotted this one during our trip to Durango. It's above the entrance to their tiny airport.

this one is from a home in my mother's neighborhood. I always want to pause to look at it whenever I'm driving by. Yesterday I did. And I took a picture so that you could enjoy it too. That room must be gorgeous inside.

this mirror is from a house in Virginia featured in Country Home's Oct. issue. There are a a pair of them, made from old schoolhouse windows, flanking the fireplace.

this is from a very elegant Michael Trapp garden house that I spotted on Cote de Texas.

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