Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lucia's home

I've been behind on my blog reading lately, and coming back I found a very sweet post-Thanksgiving treat waiting for me: Lucia's beautiful home showcased on Simple Lovely. Lucia is one of the most creative people I met in college. Her younger sister, Ruth, is one of my dearest college friends and former roommates, and their whole family has a beautiful sense of style...which you glimpsed a little of through Ruth's wedding. Seeing her home makes me a little nostalgic for Dallas and a lot nostalgic for the beautiful friends who live there. Lucia and Ruth's family's home was one of my favorite places to visit in college...an uplifting getaway. I remember the first time I walked in there was a feast in the kitchen, a sibling playing the piano, another one singing, and the most delicious wine and equally wonderful conversation.

Looking at the pictures of Lucia's lovely home makes me want to rearrange all my furniture, paint my living room(which I've been contemplating for a few months...) and quit being a slacker and make my own dining room pendant--oh Lucia, you talented lady! She's just so cool.

Images: Simple Lovely

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