Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Traditional In Progress Client Sneak Peek

Remember client awesome who invited my family and me to her farm and totally spoiled us? Well, we are nearing the final stages of their bedroom, and although there are some missing pieces and some styling to be done, the progress is making me so happy.

Each project stretches me a bit, and this has definitely been an awesome experience with a bit of aesthetic stretching. My immediate instinct is to go casual and relaxed and rustic, but their style is more formal. And they really like symmetry.

Also, they wanted yellow...which in my opinion is the hardest wall color to work with. I like it in lots of things, but wall color is tough for me. Finding the right shade (one that looks just as good under artificial and natural lights) is super tricky. Thankfully, we got this right on the first shot. It's Farrow and Ball's "Hay 37." It's lovely, warm, and sophisticated. The ceiling is Farrow and Ball's "House White 2012" and the Trim is Farrow and Ball's "New White 59."

Next challenge was not being able to use drapes. Drapes instantly make everything softer, warmer, more inviting. And my fail-safe is to use linen. It always adds just the right amount of casual, relaxed, and natural. But they have major allergies, so any extra fabric, especially anything that couldn't be tossed into the laundry weekly, was out of the question. So no drapes and no fabric roman shades. Bummer. Thankfully, we found some easy to clean roman woven ones that do the trick.

They liked all their existing furniture, so we kept pretty much everything, and just focused on all the fixins. Plus we added some built-ins on the wall opposite the bed.

Here was the plan I came up with (We are still waiting on some elements like the rug and side table b/w the chairs):

So here's what it looked like BEFORE:

And here's how it is IN PROGRESS:


IN PROGRESS (aside from adding the built-ins and mirrors, we haven't gotten to styling this side yet, so that'll have to be a future post). The built-ins are by Econ-ize. and they are awesome:

The intaglios above my bed are my favorite part I think. They are a DIY, and I will be back with details at some point soon.

While we are very close to the end, I joke with them that that I really don't want to finish up...I just like the excuse of hanging out with them too much :)


  1. Holy moly, no contest with the before pictures. It looks amazing and magazine ready! :)

  2. Wow! love the soft colors and dark woods!

  3. I've got to say: I'm a little confused, because linen is definitely machine washable, and those roman blinds look like fabric. I know you said they are woven, but they are woven *what*? Are they that woven plastic, and therefor wipeable?

    1. Yes, I suppose I should have added more detail. Linen is definitely machine washable, and had this couple liked the idea of ironing linen drapes weekly (rumpled linen isn't their look, even though I love it personally) I probably would have pushed the idea of drapes more heavily. But as they really didn't like the idea, I didn't. The shades are wipeable.

  4. it looks wonderful -what a transformation. Esp love that yellow -but then you can do no wrong with Farrow and Ball -do they make any bad colors?! haha
    Color is so tricky and easy to go wrong, I've made a few mistakes I'm currently correcting in my new place! oops!

  5. Judging from the photos, it's good to be stretched! I bet they are thrilled to pieces with their new bedroom. You did wonders with the space! (Love those double mirrors.)


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