Monday, January 4, 2010

Looking back, 2009 home and family favorites

This was from one of our many visits to the Museum of Natural History, or "The National Bug Museum" as the girls like to call it. We went there about 10 million times this summer and I don't think we ever saw anything except the bugs. They love them! I remember being fascinated with the silk worms when I visited as a little girl too.

She is not always well-behaved, but this little girl is always photogenic ;)

These are from our house before our epic 4th of July party. Last year it poured, and most of the party was spent inside our (very muddy!!!) house, but this year the weather was absolutely perfect. I had so much fun getting everything ready with my sister.
I love this little corner of our house. It sits above the craft station that I put together for our girls, and the old soda crates hold my art supplies as well some of my collections (little boxes and buddhas) that I collected from childhood through college.
This was one of my favorite days this summer. I snuck in while the girls were playing in their room and started snapping away. Sibling love, it kills me....sometimes it means snuggling...
sometimes it means terrorizing....
and sometimes, it means escaping for some down time...


  1. Leah i love your photography and your amazing eye for details and design. I wish I had your talent.

  2. Beautiful photographs and girls! Having 2 girls is the best. So far their snuggling usually leads to Magnolia trying to wrestle with Boothe...I guess the terrorizing begins early!!


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