Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 Apartment Therapy favorites

I've acquired quite a few bonuses from writing daily posts for Apartment Therapy, thick skin being the most useful ;), but the best gift has been the opportunity to practice my photography on beautiful subjects. I don't know whether or not so many wonderfully generous people would have opened their doors for me to photograph their homes if I hadn't started writing for AT. In gratitude for the wonderful experiences, I wanted to share a few of my favorite pictures with you. Some are from house tours posted throughout 2009, and a few are sneak peeks of home tours that I will be publishing this year.

Stefan's studio (below). I fell in love with Stefan's blog, architect design about a year ago. He's one of the rare design blogs who uses tons of his own photos and discusses a wide variety of styles. After blog-stalking him for quite awhile, I inquired whether we could meet up for me to photograph his home. He very generously agreed, and the results are lovely. He has an incredible eye. For the tour click here.

Anne-Marie's home (below). Anne-Marie has been very encouraging as I dive deeper into the world of design. Like her, her home is refined and inviting, and everything seems to have the perfect place. I love visiting and seeing what changes she's made. For the full tour click here.

This home (below) has yet to make an appearance on AT, but I had the chance to photograph it earlier this winter, thanks to Miriam Dillon, a brilliant local architect and designer who did much of the design for the home. The millwork throughout is breathtaking, as is the expansive photography collection. I will post more pics as soon as it goes live on AT.
Catherine's home (below) is another one in the works for a full AT house tour. She is a delightful person with a lot of creativity. Her home was one of the coziest I've visited.

And you all know how much I love Nicole's home...so I won't go on an on about it. For the full tour, click here.

Nicole's Studio, for the tour click here:
The charityworks greenhouse (below) is probably one of my favorite showhouses to date. I must confess that showhouses are not always my cup of tea. They can be over the top, impersonal, and uncomfortable. And that's probably because they're made to look styled, not lived in. But this one was different, especially because it happened to have one of the most exquisite mudrooms you've ever laid eyes on. Miriam Dillon and Rebecca Foley turned one of the house's smallest spaces into one of the most exciting. It had a comfortable, accessible, homespun beauty about it that emphasized the woodwork and well chosen accessories. I esp. loved the cisco brothers and bobo intriguing objects lighting fixtures. For more or the house click here and here.
Mary's Home (below). I've publishes bits and pieces from my visit to Mary's incredible home in Arizona. Ever wall has been thoughtfully filled in with objects from her travels. Mexican mission style is one of my absolutely favorites, and she has totally nailed it.

Grace's home (below). The publish date for this keeps getting pushed back, and because of it, some of these pictures are already in accurate as Grace continually shifts her accessories around her condo. I'll keep you posted for when the full house tour goes live.

Supon's home (below). Supon is a very talented graphic designer turned product designer who also dabbles in interior design. He was so generous to open his home for me to photograph. Every room is completely unique, and according to him, is always changing. For the full tour, click here.I'm excited to see what spaces 2010 brings!


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