Thursday, May 27, 2010

Amazing House Tour and Open Apartment Therapy Position!!!

Ok, first a matter of business. AT is looking for house tour bloggers in LA, DC, NY, and San Fransico, so apply, apply, apply!!!! Click here for details. I would love to see more house tours in DC...we need more!!! and happily there are many generous people willing to open up their homes to enjoy. Every house tour has been a chance to connect with interesting people and explore their creative spaces. I've learned so much from visiting each one, and have come to appreciate a wide variety of styles and talents. Take my most recent tour for example.....

My family has grown used to me coming home from photo shoots gushing--that was the most amazing house!--but I'm pretty sure the house tour I'm featuring on AT today tops the cool list in terms of sheer creativity. It's the vibrant home of green architect, Bill, and master gardener, Beth who have created the most wonderful mix of quirky and comfortable in their Takoma Park home.

everything, EVERYTHING, is unique. I literally had to tell myself, "ok Leah, turn off the camera, it's time to leave" b/c I could have stayed all day exploring all the personal touches they've weaved throughout their creative home.

Green building has become such a buzz word, and often it translates into adding a few energy efficient appliances and calling it eco-friendly. But this house definitely walks its talk. Almost every element has been recycled or salvaged and made into something new.  And every-room has a strong connection to the outdoors. My favorite was the sleeping porch off the master bedroom (below).

I've only recently begun to explore Takoma Park, but it is really a perfect setting for this home...colorful and eclectic and full of creative-minded people.

This backyard swing was made from locust wood, isn't it wild?

I'm curious to see what the those Apartment Therapists will think...

Check out the full tour here! And please chime in with comments there. House Tours become like my little children, and I love to see them well cared for and appreciated.


  1. I'm so jealous that you get to peek into people's houses AND take pictures! What a fun job!!! I also have a design question for you...

    The floors in our sunroom/playroom are parquet, but in bad shape. They must have been laid by the homeowners once upon a time and then refinished later. They are splotchy, chipped and stained. I want to paint and stencil them. I can't decide on a paint color!?! Have you come across any painted floors that looked nice?

  2. Leah, I saw this house when I was in grad school and I was very impressed. It's awesome that you got to tour it, I love that they open their home to people, getting the word out on green design (and good looking design as well) isn't always easy, thanks for sharing! *Amy

  3. LOVE this pad!So FULL of personality...and philosophy! Lucky you to see it for yourself!

  4. Wonderful.
    If you are not familiar with the divine Manvi Hildago Drona of 'Mochatini' you'll be in for a new treat. She lives in DC and is creating a wonderful home as we speak. She and her husband are a really great team and Manvi is a dear friend of mine.
    Pop across and look at her fabulous blog and you'll see what I mean.

    x Charlotta


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