Friday, May 7, 2010

why spring is the loveliest season

My life has been full of blossoms lately--some real like these
(we managed to catch the tail end of our cherry tree's blossoms when we returned from Arizona)

and these. I was inspired by Lauren's post on her wild roses, so we gathered some of our own...

and these that Maddy picked and arranged for me all by herself
and then spent about 5 minutes scooting them around on the side table for the perfect look, and after said "I'm your best design helper!" :)
and these

but mostly, my days have been consumed with fake blossoms, lots and lots and L.O.T.S. of fake blossoms! I was the decoration chair for my daughters' school's auction this year, and our theme was cherry blossoms. I decided to make tissue paper flowers and attach them to real branches to suspend from the ceiling around the ballroom. With a lot of help from other moms and kids from the school, my sister, my mother, my girls, and even Rich, we finally had enough blossoms for the project. They turned out beautifully (trying to track down a picture of the event for the full effect), and the process left me feeling mighty dexterous...I didn't know it was possible to get finger fatigue cramps! Here's a glimpse

and here's how we did it...

-cut tissue paper into squares (mine were about 3 inches on each side) and overlap them in a star of David type shape

-pinch them in the middle to form a light crease, then pinch in the other direction

-twist the pinched parts to form a "stem"

-attach a small piece of scotch tape to the edge of the stem (you can also use florist wire...I got poked one too many times and wanted something easier. Once all the blossoms are attached you can't even tell it's tape)

-wrap the tape around an offshoot of the branch to secure the blossom

-repeat....and repeat....and repeat!

I made a few green ones too, but decided not to use them at the last minute, so now they're in the girls' room:


  1. they look amazing in the girls' room!

  2. I love the paper cherry blossoms. They are better than the real thing because they last all year! :)

  3. I love the paper blossoms as well! So soft and pretty but with the dark contrast of the branches for balance. Nature really is the best inspiration. Thanks for sharing your project.

  4. They are gorgeous, I'll have to keep that project in mind! Happy belated Mother's Day :) *Amy

  5. What a wonderful post! I feel so inspired by it and love ALL of the blossoms in your life - especially that cute little one holding a hand-full of cherry tree petals in the top pic! :)

    Your branches look amazing and this is something I will definitely try once we live in a climate that is not damp and humid all the time. I think the flowers look like pretty pink Bouganvilla flowers - one of my favourite!

    So glad to be back after my little mini-break in divine Shoal Bay to find a happy post like this!

    xx Charlotta

  6. Lovin' your tissue paper cherry blossoms! So light and pink cotton candy...

  7. i love your girls room. adorable!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing! I've been wanting to hang a branch in my shop above a table and this takes the cake! Love your blog, and will be back often!


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