Friday, March 26, 2010

Catrin's amazing house tour

The house tour that I did for Apartment Therapy today is one very close to my heart. I fell in love with Catrin's living room when I saw it in the Domino decorating contest a few years ago, and I've referred back to it about a million times since.  It has the perfect balance of modern and traditional, and is swoon-worthy and comfortable both at once. Well, a few weeks ago Catrin wrote into AT seeking some advice for a furniture arrangement and I almost fell off my chair--my DREAM HOME was sitting in my inbox! I wrote Catrin to ask if she'd be up for opening her home to a house tour, and she said yes! 

Being invited into a perfect stranger's home is always an exciting experience, and so far all my house tour hosts have been incredible and gracious---the kind of people that I'd love to be friends with. I love meeting new people and seeing how they've weaved their personalities and the personalities of their families into their home. 

Catrin, was a total delight--welcoming, great sense of humor, and way too humble about being a very talented decorator. She's definitely someone "with an eye," and could easily turn that talent into a very successful business if she chose to go that route.

The thing I loved best about this tour was the awesome blending of fine and comfortable, and I learned so much from Catrin just by studying the smart decisions she made in her home. Our girls are the same age, and they go to a very similar school, and we're both super involved in their schools, so it was fun comparing notes. I honestly think I could have stayed there all day talking and taking in her beautiful home. Check the whole thing out here.

Happy weekend!


  1. I saw the tour on Apartment Therapy! I loved that house so much especially that living room's molding and fireplace. You have such a fun, cool job!

  2. This peek looks amazing... I'm off to check out the whole house tour, dear!


  3. What a lovely home. Love the colours and the balance of elements.
    Will check out the rest for sure. Thanks for the link.


  4. just read this for the first time. You are so sweet! This is too kind.
    Meanwhile, I adore your blog. You have a wonderful, natural, smart writing style and it is such an honest warm place to visit in a sea of snarky websites!


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