Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Living Easter Eggs

The girls and I have been itching to garden, and although Spring has showed up once or twice in the past few weeks, it hasn't stayed nice enough to go all out. So we did a little Easter egg experiment. I remember doing this when I was growing up, and the girls loved it just as much as I remember liking it.
We collected egg shells for awhile...ok not that long, we eat a lot of eggs

then we filled them with soil. We just used old potting soil from our basil plant from last spring

and most of the soil eventually made it into most of the eggs

and then we sprinkled in some seeds. We did an experiment, some with a rye grass seed blend, and some with cat grass to see which grew faster.
and then we watered them and put them on the window ledge and waited one week for this to happen
The cat grass  is blowing the rye grass out of the water...but we still have a few days until Easter. Madds says that they might catch up.


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